Diana Vishneva & Discipline

Diana Vishneva, the Russian born ballerina, is internationally acknowledged as a star of contemporary and classical dance. With a glossy, dark mane that is enviably thick and lustrous, she is the perfect ambassador for Kerastase’s new Discipline range.
As part of the campaign for the range, which promises to tame unruly and unmanageable hair, Vishneva is captured on film in a piece choreographed by Carolyn Carlson. 
We all know my devotion to Kerastase to save my poor hair from constant dyeing and straightening! Here's where you can find it: http://www.kerastase.com/en/discipline?area=www
In addition, keep these tips in mind to avoid damage:

  • Use Microfibre towels. They cause less tension and frizz when drying hair – this is especially noticeable with thinning and easily-breakable hair
  • Avoid sulfates. They are damaging to hair that has been chemically treated, dyed, straightened or curled on a regular basis
  • Wash your hair with lukewarm water rather than hot – just like the skin, extreme temperatures are damaging and so easily avoidable!
  • Eat and sleep well. There’s no great mystery about this one – the better your health in general, the more radiant, strong and healthy your skin, hair and nails.  You’ll also find you have the energy to dance