7 Day Challenge

I've had some Ballet Sculpt class participants raving about 30-day challenges. The 30-day squat challenge got the best review for being motivation to explore different squat options, increasing endurance and literally, dropping an inch around the posterior. Now, that is not a focus for all of us and be warned, if you're new to squats, there's every chance you'll ADD an inch when you build muscle. Fortunately, it looks fantastic, gives you great posture and definition, and allows you to keep squatting like a professional.
I know signing up for 30 days is like a lifetime for most of us, so I'm giving you a challenge that's a bit more intense, but requires less commitment (can't wait for a psychologist to analyse this...)
Every day you will do this for 6 minutes. That is ALL.
2a is a modification - any one-leg balance is a great option