Skin Perfecting Potions on a Budget

Ah, technology. Sure, my computer has a taste for viruses and I discovered that kicking my old television was the only way to get it working perfectly (yes, I discovered this the only way possible). Technology in the hands of cosmetics companies is, thankfully, much more evolved.

I'm not above the thrill of a Dior serum, but I'm thrilled by the genuinely skin-perfecting results of Garnier Perfect Blur. It essentially applies light-reflecting particles to the skin to even out skin tone, minimise redness and fill in minor wrinkles. It doesn't perform a full facial, but it seriously improves the look of your skin without makeup. $13.60 at Priceline.

Since I can't get enough gleam, I'm also going to let you in on my addiction to Australis Mineral Highlights.
Pearl is stunning but I'm a new convert to the Gold hue. Doesn't clog pores so you won't end up spotty. Quite subtle too so you'll look refreshed rather than ready to rave. A little on the collarbones is really flattering too. $14.95 at Priceline.
While we're on the Australis topic, I couldn't go past purpley-pink lipliner in Miss-Behave ($8.95 - bargain!).

Since you've done so well with saving on the beauty buys, you're allowed one splash-out item. Since your eyes are the first sign of tiredness and eeny-weeny lines, go for Lancome Visionnaire Eye Set. It is very similiar to the "blur" range of products that diffuse light to improve appearance. I've tried it on the morning after a sleepless night and truly, after about 10 minutes, I look less zombie, more 6-hours-of-sleep-happened-to-me. $87 at Myer