Yes To...

This is one of those things I just thought everyone knew about! I've been using the Yes To Carrots and Yes To Cucumbers cleansers and moisturisers for years - admittedly, because they're the best packaging in the supermarket!
I often do the gym to shop to meeting - I know lots of us do - and this means skipping the shower!

No more sweaty face (or, "glowing!") for me though. I've got Yes To Blueberries pre-moistened towelettes in the glovebox. They smell gorgeous! Like a fruit salad for your face.
I'm keeping the Pink Grapefruit towelettes in my gym bag for quick between-class wipes too. My friend, Nat, keeps the Yes To Cucumbers in her car and finds them particularly useful for the grubby fingers of her son! There's also the fragrance free Yes To Carrots wipes new to the range.
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