Rewind The Clock On Your Face and Body

I meet a lot of active, yoga-loving women as an instructor. Without exception, they have great skin, bright eyes and big smiles. They look youthful and there's not a hint of Botox about it! While you can't look like a 20-year old forever, you can definitely take actions to look and feel younger.

1. Do yoga. Not only is it a brilliant stress-buster, but the inversion bring blood flow to the face and increase lymphatic drainage (reducing any eye bags, bloated appearance). The meditation and mindfulness element will reduce anxiety, stress and enable a better hormonal balance.

2. Eat a variety of foods, in moderation. Healthy fats are fantastic for plumping your skin. These include avocado, fish, nuts, olive and coconut oil (preferably organic and definitely not in large amounts!) Try to eat as many different coloured fruit and vegetables as you can throughout the week. Each has a range of essential vitamins and minerals. Want to know more or get professional advice? There are free fact sheets at Sports Dietitians Australia.

3. Supplement. Chances are, even with a healthy and varied diet, you are not getting everything you need. For glowing skin, balanced energy, strong nails and shiny hair, I swear by DMK EFA plus (Danne Montague-King) with essential fatty acids and Vitamin E. Your body does NOT produce essential fatty acids so the only way to absorb them is to eat them or supplement.

4. Do resistance training. Ideally, using weights, bands or cables. This builds strong bones, which is the architectural frame of your body, and it also builds lean muscle which boosts your metabolism, increases your stability, improves your posture and burns calories even when you're doing nothing. I recommend BodyPump, pilates, Vinyasa yoga or a tailored weight-based workout from a qualified trainer. A challenging lower-body workout with weights increases production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) naturally.