BodyPump 89 Tracklisting

Yes, I thought I was over BodyPump, but like a gorgeous and charming ex who makes your biceps look fantastic, I'm hooked again.
I am not teaching a regular class at the moment but I am having hip surgery in September and this new high-tech, amazing new hip is going to allow me to dance, jump, run and Pump again pain- and injury-free.

For those who are curious, this is the tracklisting for BodyPump 89. Even if you don't do Pump, it's a reliably good list of workout music.

As always, I LOVE the triceps track. Lady Gaga Applause - tricep dips and overhead plate extensions....over and over again. Sure, it's hard. But it will make you stronger and, yes, it will tighten up and sculpt the back of your arms. Come and share your thoughts on the latest Pump on my Facebook page and Twitter.