If not pink, how about blue?

Illamasqua Apocalips
Lime Crime No She Didn't
I don't always agree with Rihanna - though I'm all for holidaying in Barbados at the drop of a hat! I got super excited about her blue lipstick outing though and as you know, I'm not one to back away from a bold statement or a challenge.
I went to the expert for guidance on wearing blue lips. Frances is a key makeup artist for Illamasqua.

Illamasqua Disciple
If your after a day time look I say it is really up to the person wearing it! There is no right or wrong way, teaming it up with a blush and eye makeup is personal preference either way Apocolips and Gender will always be one of the boldest colours of the makeup. I love to wear Apocalips myself and I feel the best way I enjoy to wear it is with very bronzed glowing skin and soft eyes. 

The beautiful Jess Anne from Taken By Surprise gives the following tips:
At night time, you can get away with a little more makeup, so pair your blue lipstick with some amber or orange toned eye shadow. These two shades complement each other gorgeously, and don't overpower each other. Try a warm gold eyeshadow applied with your finger tips in a wash over your eyelids and a deeper copper shade blended into your crease. Finish off with black mascara and defined brows.

There is every shade out there from palest blue to darkest navy. My recommendations are Illamasqua Apocalips, Discipline and Gender and Lime Crime does a stunning pale blue (GREAT for pale skin!) called No She Didn't.