All White On The Night: Andy Howitt from Ausdance Victoria

Andy Howitt
Andy Howitt is the Scottish-born Director and CEO of Ausdance Victoria. He took time out of his busy day to talk to me about the role of Ausdance in Victoria and his own history with dance. Oh, and that exciting all-night dance event that will be a major feature of White Night Melbourne on 22nd February.

Andy is coming up to his 30th year in the dance world, having performed and worked all over the globe. After many years of dance, he realised his body would better thank him for moving into a management and direction capacity - a hard decision, but one that is inevitable for dancers and performers in any physically taxing profession.

Andy joined Ausdance in March 2013, so this will be his first White Night Melbourne. He gave me the insider info on the 12 dance styles to feature at I Could Have Danced All Night:
7pm: Disco
8pm: Zorba The Greek 
9pm: Polynesian dance
10pm: Salsa
11pm: West African Dance
12pm: Anna's Go-Go Academy
1am: Bollywood dance
2am: Hip Hop
3am: Beyonce's Single Ladies dance
4am: Body Electric
5am: Dancehall
6am: Vogueing

Professional dance companies and individuals include Demi Sorono (SYTYCD), Sid Mathur, Todd Patrick, Adam Wheeler and the Salsa Foundation.

Andy's advice for dancers young and young at heart is to focus on preparation - eat well, stretch, train for cardio fitness and endurance, and pay attention to your body when you're sitting, lying and moving. Basically, take care of your body - it's the only one you'll get.