Protect your Tresses!

If my hair were able to speak, it would say, "Stop ironing me, pulling me and leaving me unwashed after going to the gym!"
It would also be deeply crabby and fatigued thanks to the amazingly searing heat in Melbourne the past week or so. Just like our skin, hair is sensitive to the sun and if you've been by the pool or the beach, hatless, you'll be feeling the frazzled damage.

So, after the expense most of us spend on dyeing, cutting, styling and maintaining our mops, consider making the wisest investment you can for summer. Kerastase Soleil protects your hair from environmental damage and is especially formulated to provide a shield for colour-treated hair.
I can also swear by Oleo-Relax masque for seriously nourishing naturally curly, dry hair. Find your nearest Kerastase stocked salon in Australia.