Little Moves Big Results

I've just been reading about Physique 57, based on Russian ballerina Lotte Berk's Method. Lotte designed a class that would rehabilitate her back following serious injury and keep her lean, muscular and with a killer core and great alignment.
This is exactly what Ballet Sculpt is about!
So, I want to share some moves with you that I am particularly loving from Physique 57. They might look simple, but done until your muscle gets really tired and you have to stop, you will shudder at the thought of them. However, you will also work EVERY ANGLE of your glutes, thighs and abs. 
If, like my neighbour, you choose to get around the street in your speedos, at least you'll have all the neighbours looking at you with envy rather than awkward, eyes-down, "time to call in the waxing professionals, buddy!" style.
First up, the Pretzel. You can put both hands down in front of your legs (stretching long through the spine, NO SLUMPING!) if you prefer.