King Dancer Sparkling Christmas Toes and SOLOW

What's rocking my Thursday? I am the newest brand ambassador for Los Angeles'! I am thrilled because their sportswear is to-die-for. Specifically designed for pilates, yoga, dance and yet so classy you could not even raise a sweat and look like a professional ballerina on a day off. Loving the strategically placed mesh inserts, pockets and fashion-friendly colours and cuts.
Can't wait to post photos when my first order arrives. In the meantime, here's two challenges.
Challenge 1: Doing pilates and yoga is obviously already incredibly fun and rewarding. However, I find it is doubly fun and rewarding when you get to look at sparkly, shiny, colourful nails! I'm wearing Essie Playdate (metallic purple) and Essie Set In Stones silver glitter on toes!

Challenge 2:
Try King Dancer pose. Not easy, I grant you, but a fantastic stretch for the hip flexor as well as toning and sculpting the glutes, abs and thighs. Work your way up. Use a towel or band to begin with. If this seems totally impossible, try Bow Pose using a ribbon or band (pictured left)