Colour Crazy - Hair Prep

As you all know, or most of you, I love colour. Must have been those teenage years of all black that makes me realise how much fun it is to experiment and embrace colour combos.
To that end, I am planning a few bright colours in my hair and my beautiful friend Nat is going to professionally handle the bleaching process (love you Miss!)
Prior to the bleaching process, I'm going to try to nurture my locks so that they don't frizzle and fall out. Here's the plan:
  • Stop straightening for a week (oohhh that's gonna be tough)
  • Use Terax conditioner generously (the celebrities swear by it so of course it is the BEST)
  • Resist overwashing
My pick for the Terax conditioner is Crema+Keratin for the ultimate strengthening boost. And as we all know, Italians Do It Better, so now seems a good time to mention Terax is Italian. And not many Italians have sad hair (ignore Donatella Versace!) You can buy it at
or call (free) 1800 137 480