HotPants - Zig-a-zig Zaggora 2.0

These are not tiny, gold numbers a la Kylie 'Spinning Around'. These are designed with lightweight fabric that resembles wetsuit material, close and flattering fit and four lengths to choose from:
  • above knee
  • below knee
  • capri
  • long length
Zaggora pants are designed to increase the core heat of the body during exercise, thus increasing energy expenditure both DURING and AFTER exercise. Studies undertaken by ETScience showed that with a minimum of 30 minutes moderate activity over a four week period, subjects wearing HotPants became more energy efficient - meaning their endurance increased and their cardio fitness improved.
I have to say, the science is compelling, but what REALLY attracted me is the kick-ass colours! In our own test of energy efficiency, Natalie is going to wear the blue capris and I'm going to don my bright purple capris to hit the cardio room. What I foldover waist - SO FLATTERING on the hips and thighs! Cannot express this enough. For all those women who wear little shorts over their leggings? You want these!
especially love is the:
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Zaggora now offers a complete range of ‘Hot’ workout wear for the upper and lower body, which has been joined by a premium bodycare range and a line of stylish casual wear. Zaggora’s first menswear range soon to launch.