"I don't want to bulk up"

Woman lifting weights
This is a common refrain from women who don't do any weight training. I won't pretend that weight training doesn't change your body composition. Perhaps you'll like the effects and perhaps you'll need to change how you're training to get the results you need. But don't be afraid to start.
Here's why.
  • Firmer muscles help to improve the appearance of "saggy" skin with ageing
  • Increased lean muscle mass improves metabolic function and burns calories even at rest
  • Increased lean muscle mass maintains healthy hormone levels
  • Weight training improves strength, posture, balance and bone density
  • From the age of 30 onwards, due to hormonal changes, it is harder to build bone and muscle mass. Weight training is the "fountain of youth" in this regard - start now and update your routine every few months
  • A qualified personal trainer can advise on the safest and best exercises to improve your posture and build strength that is tailored to your body and your lifestyle
Marilyn Monroe
Not only does weight training improve your appearance, your metabolism and hormonal balance, it is a proven mood-booster! You don't need to overdo it - three to four days a week of moderate resistance training (hard but not fall-on-the-floor hard) is ideal. Classes like BodyPump, circuit training and CrossFit are all fantastic ways to up your weight-training quota
Even Marilyn Monroe appreciated the power of a chest press!
Start lifting weights