Lhami Love your Skin... PLUS GIVEAWAY!

Natalie founded Lhami products to ensure her range of skincare products are human and environmentally friendly. Based in New South Wales, Natalie not only manages to create products that take the best natural ingredients to nourish and enhance your skin, but she also studies and raises two young children. We had a chat about Lhami...

Lhami face products
 Why did you create products that are paraben and sulphate free?  
Parabens are the most widely used preservatives in skincare products. They are a common cause of allergic reactions and rashes, especially in children and anyone prone to develop eczema. They also mimic oestrogen, which is a major breast cancer risk, and are linked with reduced fertility in men, and may affect a developing foetus when absorbed though a pregnant woman’s skin.
SLS – Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or Sodium Laureth Sulphate is found in shampoo, soap, detergent, liquid cleansers, body washes, mouthwash and toothpaste. SLS can cause skin inflammation and drying, hair loss, dermatitis and eczema. It has been linked to immune system damage, and is a potential carcinogen. SLS can be stored in the liver, heart, lungs and brain.

 What ingredients are in your products and why? 
Pure bio-active plant oils and extracts, certified organic (ACO) wherever possible. I use the latest natural anti-ageing ingredients such as seabuckthorn oil, hyaluronic acid, and oils high in anti-oxidants and vitamin c to support the skins own collagen production. I also use Calendula and Chamomile extracts in practically every product as they are wonder herbs for the skin.

Do you have a background in creating skin/cosmetics products? How did you make this happen? 
I’ve been making my own perfumes and creams since I was a kid. My grandmothers got me started – one owned a Health Food Store and the other was a trained Chemist and used to mix up all her own face creams etc. I studied Cosmetic Chemistry with the head chemist from one of the world leading skincare brands, and I have studied Aromatherapy and Herbalism (I am completing a Naturopathy degree)

How do you manage running a business with studying and raising two young boys? 
Being very organised! I like to make all our food from scratch too – so I know my kids are getting healthy, organic lunches each day, and not pre packaged stuff. I only work during school hours so I can bake muffins, walk the dog and hang out with the kids after school. And studying…on the couch at the end of the day with some organic chocolate and a cup of Lhami Wellbeing Tea to relax with.

What else do you do for your own health and wellbeing? 
Yoga for 30 minutes before I start work, and at least one walk a day with the dog & kids, in the bush or at the beach so we can all ground ourselves and get some fresh air. Lots of fresh organic food and herbal tea, and time out for myself reading good book in bed. Oh, and my Friday night vice…gin and tonic and cheezles!! Ha Ha.

Lhami is available via the website. Competition currently running on Core Integrity With Cat Facebook page to win a Lhami product!