Match your Yoga Pants with your Nails

It's as simple as the title suggests. I'm not going to tell you anything hugely deep and insightful. The world is a big, difficult and troubling place. But it's also full of tiny little joys and for me, nail polish and a kickass pair of yoga pants will make me ecstatic.

Find the little joys.

I do feel guilty over waving pom poms around when I find rainbow zebra print leggings (ahem, Dharma Bums!) and polka dot print with ROSES (thanks, Om Shanti!)... but really, if I am able to be so easily thrilled by something SO simple then I know I am blessed to be alive and to be me.

Maybe you find your joy in taking yourself for a coffee and people watching, or reading TV Week, or getting a pedicure, or watching that Disney movie for the 500th time... whatever it is, stop feeling guilty. Life is too short. And if there's haters? Well, haters gonna hate. This is how we roll!
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