Zen-sational - inner peace, outer beauty

It's cold and miserable outside in Melbourne, so I've found the perfect way to spend my evenings. I am lighting a candle and curling up with an inspiring book and a cup of tea.
I am a big fan of be genki candles and tea. They have ranges specific to your mood and intention. I adore the Serene candle and tea. The candle contains essential oils of Palmarosa, Rosewood, Patchouli, Neroli and Rose Otto. All Be Genki products are natural, organic, GM-free, vegan and cruelty-free.
Be Genki Serene herbal tea is a blend of organic Chamomillia, Passion Flower, Alfalfa, Lemongrass, Echinacea, Rose Hips, Siberian Ginseng,Liquorice and Ginger. Not only does it taste DIVINE, it's going to make your insides happy and your skin glow. I also love their Vitality tea with Rosemary, Yarrow, Peppermint and Gingko. Happy tummy!
And what am I reading? The fabulous Supercharged Food: Eat Yourself Beautiful by Lee Holmes. Lee is an award-winning blogger who lives for health and beauty. The book has over 100 recipes with mouth-watering photos and easy-to-follow recipes. Even if you don't make anything, the book looks beautiful on your coffee table! 
Recipes range from super smoothies and health drinks to delectable breakfast treats such as Quirky quinoa muffins and Almond and apple pancakes. Lunch and dinner are covered, too, with frittatas, pizzas, pasta dishes, stir-fries and curries.
Visit her blog at http://www.superchargedfood.com