Juice! Melbourne's Masters

I love juice. If it's a bright colour and you can plonk it in a juicer or a food processor, I'm there. If someone else is going to do it for you and hand it to you in a glass/jar/bottle, well, even better! I've been doing the research - someone has to do the tough jobs - and I can fully recommend the following juice pushers.
Schinny Maninny: I did their one-day juice detox and their Schkinny Leap Frog (cucumber, kiwi, spinach, parsley, apple) is my favourite! While I don't advocate a juice-only diet AT ALL, a one-day cleanse if you've really been hitting the junk food and liquor like a fiend is sometimes the kick-start you need. A sustainable, nutritionally balanced approach to eating and exercise is the only way. A green juice every morning is an awesome reminder to your body of how much it loves greens - totally recommend you get it delivered to the office! JUST THE JUICE CLEANSE

Nutrition Bar: In Swan Street, Richmond, right opposite the old Dimmey's. The range of juices and food is mouth-wateringly good! Well priced too. On the day Jess and I went in, there were fit-looking people traipsing in and out with juices and yummy salads/sweet things in hand. It's a SUPER SMALL space so if you plan on sitting around and having a yak, you might find yourself elbow-to-elbow with a whole bunch of people waiting for their order and laughing into their mobiles. There's a few outdoor tables, which is where we planted ourselves, but this isn't ideal in Melbourne's wintery weather right now. Come summer, this is going to be heaven!

Green Press: Quickly winning over the yoga and fitness folk in Melbourne's CBD, Green Press is hooking up with several studios and healthy living businesses and individuals to really show that healthy living and nourishing the body takes more than a juice a day. It's a holistic thing. But you knew that. Right now, I'm in talks with Green Press to visit my inner Melbourne classes. Stay tuned!