Hot Hair Affair + Water Conservation

Ever since my hairdresser promised me he'd cut my hair "longer" (hey, I was 8!), I've been determined to have a long, thick mane of Rapunzel-esque hair. It hasn't happened QUITE like that, but it is really strong and healthy and I'm very fussy about what I use!

While my Kerastase-addiction isn't fading, I am having a hair affair with Pureology.
I am currently using the Strength Cure Restorative Masque (post-bleach remedy!) and the Strength Cure Split Ends Salve. Fragile ends already softening up!

For my gym bunnies, sweat is not a styling aid. Repeat after me, I WILL DRY SHAMPOO. Then, refresh your mane with Fresh Approach Dry Conditioner "for dry, undisciplined colour-treated hair" - Perfect. Dry and Undisciplined - guilty.

Pureology has a range for every hair type - including platinum blondes. I'll stick with my dark tresses, thanks. I've punished my hair enough (is there a colour I have NOT tried?!)

It is becoming more and more common to see brands linking up with causes that align with their values. While it's not always convincing, it does make it easier to choose what you use. It has a dedicated sustainability promise, both in the formulation of shampoo, conditioner and styling products AND in the packaging. Linked with Green Cross International, they are providing water to communities in need and teaching consumers about water conservation. Read more at

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