Product Review: Sanctuary Spa Age Reverse

Darcey Bussell
I was browsing Vogue recently and an editorial on Kate Moss really struck me that she looks, to me, a zillion times more attractive than she did at 18. The same with Christy Turlington, Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman and both the Minogue sisters. Sure, they all have an array of dermatologists, facialists and nutritionists. But the great thing is, with access to targeted products and attention to our lifestyle, skincare and nutrition, we can look better at 40 than we did at 18. True. So, while Kate and the Minogues can indulge in Covent Garden's own Sanctuary Spa facials and massage, I will happily settle for using their new anti-ageing range. The Active Reverse Peptide Replenist Serum is amazing - goes on like a gel and absorbs quickly - no gooeyness! The Lipid Recovery Facial Oil is to die for. My favourite. Smells divine and I can sit and massage it in while watching The Sopranos. Best of all? Darcey Bussell is the face of the range - formerly Principal Ballerina with the Royal Ballet in London. Nobody embodies grace, beauty and strength quite like her.