Frazzled More Than Festive?

It's mid-November and the christmas puddings and reindeer toys are already on display at supermarkets. If you're wondering why your shoulders and neck are feeling tense, every noise is making you snap and you wake up feeling like you might not have slept more than half an hour...the idea of Christmas is stressful! Go easy on yourself.

I'm battling with trying to write up a business plan for the first time, contemplating failing at my dream job (working for myself!) and also watching my savings dwindle as I drift into the fourth week of unemployment. Not feeling so festive. Fortunately, I have been browsing a copy of Mim Beim's "natural therapies to boost the mood and mind".
Mim Beim is a Sydney naturopath who also features in body + soul on Sundays. I'll be adopting her recommendations to improve sleep, energy and fight adrenal fatigue. If you're feeling frazzled, take all or some of these ideas.

  • Reminding myself to have perspective - how you THINK about a situation makes it what it is - can you put any decisions on the backburner while you go and read for 20 minutes or take a walk?
  • Sticking to a twice daily Mega B supplement (all the B vitamins at breakfast and lunch)
  • Taking a magnesium supplement at night (assists in muscle relaxation and calcium absorption)
  • Taking passionflower rather than a sleeping tablet (proven to be EQUALLY as effective as oxazepam without the side effects; no drowsiness)
  • No caffeine - this has been so much easier to give up than I thought and I was a 4 - 5 black coffees per day person
  • Practicing at least 10 minutes of yoga daily - sun salutations and rotations

Caffeine is in coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa, yerba mate, guarana drinks and sports supplements

Share your festive or frazzled state and how you're going to approach it!